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The last few days have been torture. I am working on chapter 10 of my novel. It’s a very emotional section and has been challenging to write for two reasons. First, the experiences and events that the main character is experiencing is similar to what I went through as a child. Writing about it is like living through it all over again. The great thing, though, is that when you write about challenging topics as a adult, you have a different, more objective perspective. Interestingly, the authentic voice and experiences of the main character refuse to be quashed or ignored. This is a good thing..

The second thing that holding me up is something that plagues writers at every stage of the writing process. I keep asking myself, what is this chapter about? I am pretty much clueless right now, which is impeding my progress. While I have a general idea of where the book is going (loosely plotted), I am writing the story as I write the story. I have been surprised on more than a few occasions on where the story goes (writing by the seat of my pants). The characters and plot are driving the story. Sometimes it seems like I'm merely a glorified typist!

Word total for the last two days: 3,145

Today’s Word:

vexation [ vek-sey-shuhn ]


1. the act of vexing.

2. the state of being vexed; irritation; annoyance: vexation at missing the bus.

3. something that vexes; a cause of annoyance; nuisance:

Rush-hour traffic is a daily vexation.

Kermit typing, Kermit the frog typing, Kermit typing frenetically, glorified typist, Kermit writing, Kermit the frog writing

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