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Wanna take a bite out of a pizza portrait? Ever tried a refreshing frobscottle or had authentic butter beer? Interested in sampling super spider snacks, eating an edible band-aid , or partaking of unicorn popcorn? If you are an adventurous cook (and eater), Cookin’ With Kidz is the cooking class is for you!


Youngsters will learn how to read and understand a recipe, measure ingredients, mix, process, and bake. Safety in the kitchen will be emphasized. We will eat what we make for lunch!


*Flour, peanut butter and other nuts and nut milks, seeds, and dairy will all be used in this class.


Recommended age: 8 and up


Suggested age: Age 8 and up

AA Summer Camp COOKIN' WITH KIDZ: 8.2--8.6 (11-1)

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