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First, I’ll need doughnuts, lots of doughnuts. Still warm, of course. Made by a professional doughnut maker, of course. If there isn’t a local doughnut maker par excellence, I’ll import croissants from Paris.


Since I am employing a professional doughnut maker and flying in croissants, clearly I have no money worries. I’m free to spend money on things I love (vintage toys, funky sneakers, and books) as well as things I don’t love, but still need (printer ink, HVAC repair, and dental x-rays).


That’s my perfect life. All I want is to read, write, and eat doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts.

*The first donut image is from Donutology in Kansas City, MO. Check them out at

*The second image is from a blog called Whisked Away Kitchen. This particular post features a recipe for my favorite donut in the world, the apple fritter. Get the story and recipe at

*The third image comes from Sundae Donuts, which is based in and around NYC. This particular item is called the Galaxy Donut Box. Find them at

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